The ZR is the brand new simple, compact, light, powerful and fast robot mower, which does not require installation and perimeter wire. The robot is equipped with the most innovative technologies, which allow it to manage and map the garden by learning its characteristics. ZR technology integrates artificial intelligence systems with radar sensors allowing the robot to detect grass, recognise obstacles at a distance (stationary and moving), edges and perimeters.


The Twenty is our smallest ever fully autonomous robot lawnmower, but don’t confuse its small size for a less capable mower. This little machine is fitted with the latest processors, brushless motors, a powerful battery and solid 18cm stainless steel blade.

Compared to it’s size, this mower can maintain a large 700m2 area (around 2 tennis courts). Its small footprint allows it to handle intricate areas with ease, and it can even maintain up to 4 separate lawn areas.

The compact size, measuring 42cm long and weighing in at 7kg, keep the Twenty Deluxe discreet on your lawn. This mower is inconspicuous when working, but also takes up minimal space in the recharging dock, so more of your garden is free to enjoy. With advanced off lawn docking capabilities, it can park itself neatly out the way when not hard at work.


A GPS and Connect module in the Twenty Elite increase efficiency using GPS assisted navigation, while giving you full GPS tracking, GeoFence alerts and the ability to manage, interact and monitor the mowers functions. It is also compatible with voice assistants and the pet protecting Ambrogio Amico tag.

The TWENTY Elite can manage up to 1000 sq metres thanks to its clever use of GPS to map the lawn and make it more efficient.


NEW The new TWENTY Elite S+ is a mini robotic lawnmower equipped with the most advanced features, the latest generation processors, brushless motors, powerful batteries and 18cm blade.It also has GPS, GSM and ZCS connect to control and monitor its functions, it is able to manage 4 areas of up to 1300 sq metre in total.(around 6.5 tennis courts).