SHERPA Products.

Sherpa products will normally be shipped straight from the UK supplier to the customer, usually within 48hrs.


Sherpa products come with 1 years warranty. (Subject to manufacturers terms and conditions).Warranty issues can either be handled by Wiltshire Robotic Mowers or by the importers customer services department which can be contacted on 01522 283028.

AMBROGIO Products.


Wiltshire Robotic Mowers require full payment before arranging delivery and installation of your Ambrogio robotic mower. Please pay by BAC’s, details can be found on the bottom of your invoice.


Ambrogio mowers come with either a 2 year or 6 year warranty depending on the model. See brochure for details. (Subject to manufacturer’s terms and conditions.)

Batteries on all models have 2 year warranty, blades are not covered by any warranty.

Warranty issues can either be handled through Wiltshire Robotic Mowers or by the importers customer services department which can be contacted on 01522 283028.

Wiltshire Robotic Mowers will make a charge of £50.00 per visit to fit warranty parts. Blade motors and drive motors which have been physically damaged will not be covered under warranty.

The installation is not covered under Ambrogio’s warranty. Wiltshire Robotic Mowers will give one months warranty from installation date, but will not cover wire breaks due to physical or vermin damage. Wiltshire Robotic Mowers will endeavour to do the best installation on the day, but will follow up with a “snagging visit”where necessary within the first three weeks to ensure proper functionality of the system.


The installation will be done with a wire laying machine where possible, placing the wire approx 40mm underground.  Please let us know if there are any buried cables or pipes near the perimeter of the lawn. Where it is not possible to lay the wire underground it will be surface mounted and pegged using plastic pegs to secure.

Any preparation work on the lawn or paths etc needs to be carried out before installation. If the installation can not be carried out on the day due to lack of preparation work,  there will be a £100.00 charge for a return visit. Wiltshire Robotic Mowers can advise on any necessary preparation before installation with a free of charge visit before purchase.

An external waterproof socket is required, or an indoor one within 8 metres of the base station where the transformer can be housed. A waterproof box can be provided for the transformer at extra cost.

Any electrical work needs to be carried out by a qualified electrician.

Please ensure the lawn has been mowed, grass removed and edges trimmed to your normal cut height just prior to the installation taking place.

Perimeter wire is required to be laid 90cm away from any waters edge, ponds, swimming pools etc, and sheer drops.

Trampolines  staying on the lawn need to have boards fitted to insure the robot does not cross over the metal bars at the base and damage itself, any such damage will not be covered by warranty.

Please advise if you or your neighbour have an electric dog fence fitted as this might interfere with the mowers function.


Servicing needs to be carried out annually by an approved dealer to keep the warranty valid. Wiltshire Robotic Mowers can collect and return the mower fully serviced and cleaned, TWENTY series mowers will cost £95.00 plus VAT , NEXTline and PROline will cost £140.00 plus VAT and L400 Deluxe will cost £190.00 plus VAT for the 2022 winter season.

When the mower is not in use, it should be stored fully charged in a frost free environment and the base station covered to protect from the weather.


Wiltshire Robotic Mowers will refund for a machine and accessories where appropriate using the formula below;

0 to 6 months from installation, purchase price less 25%

6 to 12 months from installation, purchase price less 35%

12 to 18 months from installation, purchase price less 55%

Wiltshire Robotic Mowers will not refund the cost of installation work including wire, pegs and joiners.


It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the safety of children and pets using the area where the mower is installed. A child lock is provided on the mower and an Amico tag can be provided for pets to keep them safe if required.


Wiltshire Robotic Mowers may hold information on our Contact Database, such as name, address, telephone numbers, e mail and product details.  This information will not be shared with any third parties and we will ensure your privacy is protected. The information will only be used to manage and process your order and to contact you.

If you would like your details removed from our Contact Database please let us know through our ‘Contact Us’ page on the website.