We like to provide a personalised service at Wiltshire Robotic Mowers which starts with a free site visit to enable us to understand the practicality of your garden for a robot mower. If your garden is suitable we can then recommend a mower for your lawn with an accurate costing for the supply and installation.

How do you lay the wire

We have a special machine

We lay the wire around the perimeter of the lawn with a specialist wire laying machine approximately 40mm underground, for small lawns the wire can be laid on the surface and pegged down, where it will soon disappear into the turf.

Where will the base station be situated.

The base station needs to be situated where there is a 13 amp electric supply, either inside or an outdoor waterproof socket within 8 metres of the proposed site.

What about obstacles and trees within the lawn.

The mower has bump sensors and as long as the obstacle is at least 100mm high it will touch it and move off in a different direction. If it is an upright tree it will touch gently against it and move away, if the tree has spreading roots it may be necessary to wire around it to exclude the mower.

Can the mower cross paths.

The mower is able to cross a path if it is level with the lawn and of a flat hard nature. If it is a gravel path it may be possible to lay slabs with the wire underneath for the mower to cross. With a tarmac or concrete driveway we can cut a slot through it for the wire to run and if able the mower can then cross at this point.

What if I have a lawn separate to the main one.

It is possible to wire in a separate lawn, you would need to pick up the mower and place it on that lawn and when the cut has finished return it to the main lawn to recharge.

What if I have adjoining multiple lawns.

Depending on the mower it is possible to cut up to 8 adjoining lawns, they will be programmed to be cut in a sequence with the mower returning to the main lawn to recharge when necessary.

I have a swimming pool/pond in my garden, or a drop off edge on the lawn.

The mower would need to be wired 90cm away from the edge of these to avoid any chance of the mower going in.

What preparation needs to be done before installation.

A 13amp power supply needs to be available within 8 metres of the base station position, just before installation the lawn should be mowed to normal cut height and edges trimmed.

Cost of Installation.

Installation costs will vary from site to site depending on size and number of lawns, length of perimeter wire needed, but should be between £300 and £600 plus cost of wire pegs and joiners.