NEXTline Twenty Deluxe

Original price was: £1,249.00.Current price is: £1,099.00.


The Twenty is our smallest ever fully autonomous robot lawnmower, but don’t confuse its small size for a less capable mower. This little machine is fitted with the latest processors, brushless motors, a powerful battery and solid 18cm stainless steel blade.



Compared to it’s size, this mower can maintain a large 700m2 area (around 2 tennis courts). Its small footprint allows it to handle intricate areas with ease, and it can even maintain up to 4 separate lawn areas.

The compact size, measuring 42cm long and weighing in at 7kg, keep the Twenty Deluxe discreet on your lawn. This mower is inconspicuous when working, but also takes up minimal space in the recharging dock, so more of your garden is free to enjoy. With advanced off lawn docking capabilities, it can park itself neatly out the way when not hard at work.


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