450 kg Load

This tough 4 wheel utility cart is rated for a massive 450kg load and comes complete with removable sides for maximum versatility. The liner makes it perfect for moving loose loads such as soil, sand and animal feed, as well as more bulky items. Thanks to its flat-free tyres with roller bearings and steering single pivot front wheels, it couldn’t be easier to manoeuvre around. It even features a quick-swivel handle to allow the cart to be hitched to an ATV or lawn tractor for complete versatility. The wheels are some of the strongest on the market making the Sherpa Trolley Cart very dependable in the garden or allotment.

Flat-Free Tyres

Never worry about punctures again; the tyres on this cart are filled with polyurethane foam to ensure they are always ready to roll. The durable rubber compound tyres help the cart to grip on loose or rough ground. 

NOTE: These are not a solid wheel, thanks to the special foam filling, these ‘give’ like a pneumatic tyre, but without being pressurised, so you won’t ever have to worry about getting a flat tyre.


Easily removable sides to transform the trolley into a flatbed cart for moving larger, solid items. The load bed on the Sherpa trolley is completely flat, so there is no edge to dig into overhanging loads. The sides simply slot into groove in the bed which makes swapping between the cart and flatbed really quick; once the sides are slotted in, just rotate the catch on each corner it’s ready to use. This slot design means there is no hinge sticking out so you won’t risk catching anything as you pass. 

Removable Liner

Included is a removable liner which is easy fitted to the sides of the trolley cart making it ideal for transporting loose loads such as soil and sand. Secured with poppers, it is quick to put it or remove.


With a single pivot point and angled handle bar, you can turn the front wheels through 270o. Thanks to this super tight turning circle, it is very easy to manoeuvre around, even in tight spaces.  

The axle frame assemblies on the Sherpa Utility Cart are constructed out of 35mm box section steel for maximum rigidity. 

Handle – 2 Function; With ATV Hitch

The handle of this cart is shaped to make it comfortable to pull along by hand, while the tough textured rubber coating gives a great grip in all conditions.

The handle on the cart can be easily swivelled for easy fitting to an ATV / quad bike or ride-on lawn mower as a conventional garden trailer.

To swap, remove the two r-clips and brass pins, swivel the handle round to expose the clevis hitch and slide the pins back in. With the handle and hitch both integrated in one, there are no loose parts to lose if you switch regularly. 

Simple Assembly

Fewer parts mean assembling the cart is quick and easy, whilst also making it sturdier. Putting the cart together only requires 5 steps with 10 fixing points (4 of these being each of the wheels).